Admission essay guide: 5 tips to help you stand out

Admission essay writing is a competitive form of writing in which students’ present information about themselves in a compelling manner hoping to gain admission to the school they want. There are simple tips you can use to help you plan your essay better while avoiding mistakes commonly made by students that lead to rejection. The following tips can help you understand significant points of the admission essay writing process and how to make your best qualities work to your advantage.

  1. What does the school need to know about you? You should have an idea of what you think the school should know about you that can be influential in their decision. This is important as you should have an idea what your strengths are and how to use them to your advantage.
  2. What makes you different, unique and special? What qualities about you do you like and want others to know? Maybe over the years you have learned something about yourself you feel will help you stand out. There are times students may feel they have a calling to their particular interest or field of study. Why are you interested in pursuing your goals and how do you feel your characteristics can help make a difference.
  3. Make the guidelines your best friend. Many students get rejected because they left out a detail and didn’t realize it until it was too late. Take the time to review guidelines and instructions for your essay. You may be reviewed based on how well directions were followed. This could look careless on your part giving a bad sign to the reviewer who may reject your content.
  4. Have someone you know read your draft. When you have completed your work you should take time to read it over. Look for mistakes and make sure your content is clear and concise. Then have someone else read it and give their opinion. This can be helpful in making sure mistakes and errors are not overlooked.
  5. Knowing how you will contribute in your choose career field can make a difference. If you are passionate about what you are going to school for you should have a way of making this known in your essay. Be considerate of details you decide to include in your final draft and how they may differ from your competition.