How to Write a Graduate Admission Essay

Before you begin a graduate admissions essay, you want to think about your life in general and think about how your past experiences have shaped your reasons for wanting to study a certain field in graduate school and entering a certain career. If the requirements call for you to answer specific questions, reflect on the questions before answering them in the essay. You should not appear arrogant in the essay but at the same time you don't want to downplay your achievements and special qualities. Never repeat the same information that you listed on your application.

Inject Family Life

It's okay to add details on your family in your graduate admissions essay as long as it's in good tast and relevant to the application. If you and your twin brother both attended the same college and lived in the same dorm room at one time, talk about the time when you both interned at a record label and successfully assisted with the planning of record release parties of unknown artists. You can mention that this incident motivated you and your brother to start a record label together and learn the music business by attending graduate school.

Discuss Academic and Civic Achievements

Your achievements are important in graduate school so you want to carefully choose your best accomplishments so your admissions essay can stand out from other applicants. If you were on the dean's list all four years as an undergraduate, you should mention it and how you achieved this goal. If your campus newspaper received recognition due to several investigative stories concerning local politicians, discuss what your learned as an editor about informing the community about issues that matter to the residents.

Get Assistance

If essay writing isn't your strongest quality, you can meet with your professor or career counselor to get help with writing it. Write a list of all the things you want to put in the admissions essay along with the required questions you need to answer in the graduate admissions essay. Pay attention to the professor's suggestions and after you type your rough draft, bring it to him so he can look over it a final time.

Maintain At Least 500 Word Count

When you write a graduate admissions essay, you should have no more than 500 words unless the application calls for a longer or shorter word count. You can stick to the required word count by leaving out unnecessary information and only write what is relevant to the topic at hand. Don't use large or fancy fonts because this sometimes takes up space. Use a 12-size font and the font style should be Times New Roman unless stated otherwise.