5 Useful Tips On How To Write An Amazing College Application Essay

The college application essay is a way of introducing yourself to a college that may end up being your home for the next four years or so. With jobs being much more scarce now than they were in the past, having your education continue at a college with a good reputation is more important than ever. Here are five great tips to writing an application essay that helps you achieve success.

  1. 1. Research your colleges
  2. Each college is different. Some will prefer that you take a more academic approach to your essay while others will be wowed by a more relaxed stroy telling approach. Look into application essays that have been successful in the past and try to find trends. Your intention should not be to recycle what you find, just learn from it and apply what you can to yo0ur own essay.

  3. 2. Know yourself
  4. Your essay has to reflect you in the best possible light. If you are uncertain of who you are, it takes genius level writing skills to hide that fact from admissions departments. It is therefore wise to take some time to think about who you are in terms of what you value, what you hope to improve in your future and what makes you truly feel alive. Some people can answer these questions as toddlers while others go to their graves not yet knowing. Do some soul searching before you put pen to paper.

  5. 3. Improve yourself
  6. If after thinking it through you come to an understanding of yourself and know that what you have found is unlikely to impress, consider making some improvements. Ideally you would have begun the process of writing college application essays long before the deadlines. This can give you some time to try volunteering, pick up a hobby or start reading for pleasure so that you can honestly claim to do something inspiring.

  7. 4. Proofread and edit
  8. Never forget to proofread and edit your essay. Nothing undermines your claim to be intelligent like spelling the word wrong.

  9. 5. Get assistance from a pro
  10. If all else fails, seek out help from an experienced essay writer. They may just help you with editing by pointing out style problems in areas where you start to ramble or they may advise you to start over entirely. Either way their help may prove invaluable if you are unaccustomed to writing at this level.

    You may feel intimidated by the idea of writing this sort of essay but many have done so before you and many will after you. The only way to finish is to get started.