Teaching You How To Write A Personal Goal Statement

A personal goal statement provides information to potential schools on your career goals and interests. This is an opportunity to show your writing, analytical and critical thinking skills. You are showing your worthiness and compatibility of the program you hope to get accepted for. The statement gives the school insight on what they can expect and whether you are a good fit. The goals you discuss may relate to educational and personal goals as well. Writing this statement will require a good understanding of what is involved and what information is required.

  • What Is Your Personal Statement about?
  • When considering what your personal statement is about there are certain elements you should cover. There are questions your statement works to answer that will help the school learn about you and your interests. This includes understanding what part of yourself do you want the admission committee to learn about and the type of tone your statement should express. Your statement is about you and who you are and what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can show how you intend to improve weaknesses to make them look better.

  • Learn More Information about the School of Interest
  • There are various types of programs that help students accomplish different goals. You need to understand how the school will help you achieve your goals through courses they offer. You can get insight from students currently enrolled in the program to give you more understanding behind why you are applying. You get a perspective on whether you want to stay within this career area or shift your focus to another part.

  • Follow Required Format Based on Guidelines
  • Many personal goal statements are about a page in length, but this will vary depending on the school. You will have three basic parts to make up your perusal statement including the introduction, body and conclusion. You will need to get your thoughts and ideas separated following this structure. Your introduction should include something to grab the attention of reader quickly, also known as a good hook.

  • Additional Details to Remember When
  • When presenting details about yourself be honest to let the school learn about the true you. Avoid adding statements that are cliché. Take time to edit and proofread before submission. If you are applying to more than one school you may want to switch up your content.