Mistakes to avoid in an admission essay

Prospective students are often under a lot or pressure to deliver on their admission essays. They know that without extra effort and an excellent input, they may not get the chance of getting into their favorite college. Not every student is the same as the other, and to add to that, they have to give the admission officials details about what makes them unique for their school. The pressure to impress forces the students into overzealousness and errors that make their essays even worse. The best universities hire experienced admissions experts who have been doing the job for several years. They know what to expect and will see the mistakes easily. Here are the top six mistakes that some of the students make in their admission essays

  1. Vague language- many application essays are vague and generic, lacking in any specific detail. They do not have any information about the school and remain general. The essay should address the specific issues and features of the school and why the student thinks those particular features will make them do better.
  2. Length- students sometimes put themselves under too much pressure to impress in their admission essays that they write too long essays. Many people go beyond the limits explaining traits about themselves and what makes them unique. The admission officers have very many essays to go through so they appreciate students who express themselves as clearly as possible in brief essays.
  3. Lack of focus- admission essays typically ask why the student feels the college matches their professional interests. Admissions officers appreciate students who address this specific issue and not ones who divulge into other subjects like how their family members attended the schools. Like one admissions officer once said, the school is not admitting the grandfather but the student. They should therefore focus on the traits of the grandfather that they have that makes the school want to admit them.
  4. Overzealousness- despite the fact that some students get length and subject factors right, they sometimes cannot keep the language or content simple. Admission essays are turned into resumes detailing the accomplishments in the past. Some use too complex language and big English words thinking they will impress.
  5. Some students do not realize that the essay reinforces the information they provide in the actual application. They therefore fail to streamline their application with their essay.

Students should be extremely careful to strike the right balance between complacency and over-indulgence in writing an essay. They should be simple, straightforward and to the point.