4 Useful Suggestions On Writing An Application Essay

If you are facing an application essay task, consider the four useful suggestions below on what to write and what not to write:

  1. 1. Always be truthful. If you lie on an application essay, the readers will find out, and that is the last thing you want. Not everyone can be the president of every club or organization; those clubs and organizations need treasurers and secretaries too. So if you fulfilled one of those secondary roles do not be ashamed or embarrassed and certainly do not lie about it. Remember too that the people reading your application essay have access to your records so chances are they can verify anything you state in the finished product.

  2. 2. Avoid simply repeating the information contained in your application. The essay is a separate component for a reason. It is better that you avoid just repeating a long list of things you accomplished or grades you earned. Generally this piece of writing is intended to showcase your voice, to give you the opportunity to show off your creative writing skills and to provide the readers with insight into who you are a person, an individual, and what you would contribute to the community of the institution. Remember that when applying for any admissions, the organization to which you are applying want to know what you as an individual have to bring to their community and not just what your accomplishments are on paper.

  3. 3. Always follow the prompt. If the original prompt gives you a word minimum, follow that. But if there is no maximum, avoid going beyond a few pages. Remember that the person reading your essay on the other end of things has likely been doing the same things for hours and if they sit down and see that you have written twenty pages about yourself, it is not likely to get the reaction and appreciation you are looking for.

  4. 4. Avoid humor. Humor is not a good choice here because each person has a different sense of humor and since you have no way of knowing who will read your finished product or what sense of humor they have, you have no way of knowing whether the jokes you are trying to make will come across as hilarious or truly offensive. In cases like these, just steer clear of humor altogether and things will work out much better.