Learn how to write a personal statement essay in four easy steps 

Writers who are in search of a subject for the focus of their personal statement essay may have some difficulty choosing. There is so much riding on these essays that many students cave under the pressure. In order to get started, you might want to ask some personal questions to gain focus.

Finding Your Subject

Consider the following questions to help you find a subject a focus for your paper:

  • - What are your hope and dreams for the future? 
  • - What makes you mad or upset in the world today? 
  • - What in the world today makes you happy or brings you satisfaction? 
  • - What past events served as turning points that brought you to where you are today? 
  • - What do you want to write about but have put off for one reason or another?
  • - What hopes and dreams do you have for your future?

How do I get started? 

As you think about topics you might want to write about, keep your final goal in mind- impressing the committee and showing them your best side. You can’t write a personal essay that communicates a personal approach and view without getting inside your heart and mind and looking at what matters the most to you. You have to give of yourself and present that to the readers in a way that leaves a lasting impression.

Write every day

Writing is a process of discovery and it is not something that can be mastered overnight or in just a single draft. The only way to get better at writing is to write. And the best way to write an amazing personal essay is to write and practice it over and over again. Even if you are not working on a paper for the application, you should be writing, every day, whenever possible. It is the best way to practice and hone your skills so that when the time comes to work on that personal essay, you will be better prepared for it.

Write and rewrite

Even the best writer in the world will make mistakes and will need to make corrections. The best papers are done in several drafts. Do not rush through the personal essay and give yourself time to work through several drafts before the time comes to turn in your paper and submit it to the review committee.

Writing a personal paper for a scholarship or college application is a big deal and carries a lot of weight for students. But by keeping these four simple points in mind, you can have a more successful go at writing that winning paper!