Creating an application essay: avoiding big issues

The minute the mention of application essays comes up in life, everyone automatically panics and wonders what to write on their essay. A lot of people realize that they have to impress the readers of the essay, as well as show them why they are a perfect fit for their desired college or university. There are many guides that are meant to tell you what to do and how to write your college application essay, but there aren’t many places to go to find out what not to do. Knowing what to avoid can be just as important as knowing what to include.

A key factor is to make yourself seem real in your application.

Authenticity is the biggest thing people look for in their future students' admissions essays. If they can't read you in this essay, how are they supposed to know if you're a good fit for their college? Though you should make sure you're being honest about yourself, you also need to make sure not to talk too much about every little aspect of your life. You only have a certain amount of words to use for your personal admission essay to college, so talking about what you order at Starbucks every day isn't a necessity to tell your audience. Focus on the key points that made you who you are. It'll keep the Admissions Committee interested while entertained as well.

Another common mistake while writing college essays is not reviewing what is written after you're done.

Many essays are turned in with easy mistakes like improper grammar and illiteracy. You don't want to have the Admissions staff wondering what you're trying to say when they're working late at night trying to get through all the applications they have. Most likely, they'll just toss your essay to the side and deem you unworthy.

Sell yourself, not a product or way of life.

It's true that running your own company, or creating your own product could show initiative and responsibility and be a great asset to your essay, but your admissions essay should never be about selling any sort of product or lifestyle. You should focus on selling yourself to the college administrators. Selling yourself, of course, does not mean sexually or anything like that. Sell your personality, sell what you're about. Give them something they want to essentially 'buy' or choose for their college.