Can I print an Application Essay off the Internet

No. Well, you probably can, but you definitely shouldn't. Unfortunately, this essay is extremely personal. It requires extensive knowledge of your academic and personal history. You also want to write your essay in your own words to allow the admissions committee to see you for you. There are a number of reasons that buying an application article online is foolish.

The Online Writer Doesn't Know Enough About You

You can send the writer your transcripts. You can tell them a tad bit about yourself and your life. They will only have basic information. They won't know about your personal experiences during school. You have better knowledge of the things that need to go into a good application essay. There are subtle nuances about your personal, past stories that the online writer won't know. The stories will come better from the person who experienced them. You can provide more detail, and you have a more authentic tone.

An Application Essay Should Be in Your Voice

You want the person reading your application essay to get a sense of who you are. This personal touch will be what touches the person reading the essay. When he feels like he knows you from your essay, it will be harder for him to turn you down. You can not put this personal touch into an essay artificially. If you hire someone online to write the essay, it will sound incredibly dry and boring. In this case, you better hope you have a phenomenal GPA and that can convince them to let you in, because your essay is going to be tossed to the side.

You Can Better Describe Your Goals

You can tell a hired writer that you want to go to school to become a teacher. They may even be able to write a beautiful description of someone who wants to be a teacher. But when you write it yourself, you will be able to describe your goals in detail that shines through and convinces the admission committee that they want to accept you and help you become a teacher. Talking about your goals requires an authenticity to make your dreams convincing.

It can be tempting to hire someone to write your application essay, but it's one of those things that is best written by you. You are trying to sell yourself. Who else can do that better than you?