5 Effective Tips For Writing A Winning Scholarship Essay

When you are focused on your scholarship essay there are many tips and tricks that you can follow to make sure that you create the best possible, attention grabbing piece possible.

  1. 1.The first tip is to avoid humor. Humor might seem like a great way to break the ice especially if you're nervous in your writing or you’re apprehensive about bragging about yourself but humor is a very dangerous method to use. You have no idea who will read your scholarship paper and as a result you have no way to determine what their sense of humor is. What might seem funny to you could be very offensive to them. You want to avoid running this risk by simply avoiding the use of comedy altogether. If you integrate one small comedic reference to your personal life that is much more acceptable than trying to make a joke about a particular religion or race or gender.

  2. 2. The second tip is to avoid falsehoods. Always be honest. Just like a resume they are going to have access to your information. If you try and lie about a position that you held it will only come back to haunt you in the end. Every organization needs a treasurer and a secretary. Not every student can be the president. If you have the position of treasurer, be proud of that and emphasize that but do not lie and say that you were the president of the club.

  3. 3. The third tip is to avoid simply repeating your accomplishments. Remember that in many cases the scholarship committee will have a resume of sorts, something which lists your other accomplishments as well as your GPA and things of that nature. If you simply tell the scholarship committee the same things that you provided for them in your application you will board them. You want to avoid repeating things they already have access to and focus instead on things that they don't know about you, personal things.

  4. 4. The fourth tip is to avoid being far too lengthy. Almost every scholarship essay will have a minimum word count but not all of them have a maximum word count. Just because there is no maximum does not mean that you should write a 20 page paper about how traveling to Cuba one summer changed your life.

  5. 5. The fifth tip is to make sure you adhere to the instructions. Always, always review the instructions before you start writing so that you can make sure to follow each of the requirements and stick to the topic or suggested ideas.