How To Write A Personal Statement For University Admission - A Quick Guide

The first thing you need to understand about writing a personal statement for university admission is that you are not alone. There are huge numbers of students doing exactly the same thing as you and if the college or university to which you wish to apply is a really popular one or if it has a course or courses which a lot of people want to undertake, then you have to make your personal statement stand out. This article gives you some basic steps. It does not guarantee that if you follow them you will receive admission but certainly these steps are tried and tested. You would do very well to take them.

  • - Reveal a bit about yourself.
  • - Find out what the university is all about.
  • - Forget the stand-up.
  • - Less is more.
  • - Proofread to within an inch of your life.

It's most important that the person or people reading your personal statement get a very clear picture of the type of person you are. They don't offer places at the university to numbers or to robots. You need to establish your personality, the things you like to do and the sort of person you are.

It will really help if you take the time to find out about the university itself. What is it famous for? What are the sorts of things it seems to specialize in? If you know the answers to those sorts of questions you can make your pitch along the lines of this is how I could fit in or help at this particular university. Make yourself an attractive proposition. Make your personal statement such that the people at the University would really welcome you as a student.

It doesn't matter if you are a funny and witty person, you do not attempt humour in your personal statement. You reveal your personality but that does not include jokes or stand-up.

This is not a PhD thesis. Less is more. Plan what you want to say in your personal statement and if you're looking for inspiration go online and look for other personal statements to get an idea of what other people have said. But you don't get any points for writing endlessly. Keep your personal statement short and to the point.

And if you want your personal statement to be not accepted, then put it in complete with spelling and grammar mistakes, repetition and vague writing. You must check over your personal statement time and again. Only a well-rounded and beautifully polished personal statement will do.