How to Write a Short Personal Statement: An Effective Tutorial

You need to fully invest yourself into writing a personal statement, because this is the only way to create a paper that will truly make an impression. This type of essay must “sell” you and persuade the readers that you are an admirable person who they definitely want to hire, meet, or allow into their school. Creating a paper like this is no easy task, so you should use the following tips to achieve this result:

  • Determine what’s so special about you.
  • You should start by assessing yourself. Analyze your accomplishments and goals. What makes you different from other applicants? This may be some distinctive feature or talent, an impressive accomplishment, or a few peculiar stories from your personal life.

    Be sure to explain how this “special feature” influenced your goals and shaped you as a person.

  • Make the readers understand your interest.
  • A personal statement must persuade the readers that you deserve to take the position you’ve applied for. This can only happen if they know what made you seek this position in the first place. You must explain your interest in the field, and describe the “route” you took to come to this point in your life.

    Offer some examples of the achievements you’ve made, and explain how they will help you succeed in the field of your choice.

  • Boast a little.
  • Since a personal essay is an advertisement of sorts, you need to use your positive qualities to gain some points. List your accomplishments in different areas, and tell the readers how they influenced you as a person.

    Be sure to keep your tone formal in order to stress that you are including these bits of information for business purposes only.

  • State your goals.
  • People who will be reading your statement must understand that choosing you over the other candidates will indeed bring the best results. You can persuade them of this by explaining your goals and describing how you want to go about achieving them. The more professional and reasonable your plan is, the more impressive it will be.

  • Explain why you can succeed.
  • It is not enough to simply list your positive characteristics. You need to explain how each of these traits and habits will assist you in this particular field. If possible, you should provide some evidence of your words. Reference letters from previous employers will be the perfect choice in this case.

  • Address all the issues in your academic records before they raise any doubts about your integrity.
  • If there are some discrepancies or gaps in your personal or academic records, explain them in your essay. This will prove that you are an honest person.