How To Write Good College Application Essays: Tips And Tricks

There are two key things you need to know when you write your college application essay:

  1. 1. Start early. Give the essay the time it needs. Give yourself time to reflect and to write and also time to review.

  2. 2. Be yourself. Don’t try and be who you think the review board wants you to be. Be yourself. That will impress them much more than an answer you think they want to hear on a topic they have read hundreds of times.

When it comes to the personal essay almost all colleges say that it is at least as important as the process of admissions or very important. That is why a poorly written essay can cause otherwise amazing students to face rejection. But on the other hand if you learn how to write an exceptional application essay you will be able to move yourself into the outstanding category and quickly. The tips that you read below will help you to craft an excellent essay.

Avoid listing everything in your essay the same as you did in your application. Remember that your application and your essay are two different components that will be used to determine whether you are a viable candidate. You shouldn’t waste the precious opportunity you have by making the application a list of your achievements and the essay a similar list of your achievements. So many students make this mistake. They use the essay as a time to list their activities and their accomplishments. This causes their final essay to read the same as a resume. There are plenty of other places within your application where you can write these activities out so save them for that space.

The best essays are those which engage the reader and compel them. The best essays tell a story. The best essays have a clear focus and reveals your passions as well as your personality. You have th chance to carefully choose your details and use your writing to reveal who you really are. A narration of a challenging time in your life will tell the review board a lot more about who you are as a person than a lsit of the honors you have achieved ever could. Your grades and your application package will be enough to show the readers that you are smart. But the essay is where you show that you have depth as a person with maturity and thoughtfulness.