Application Essay Writing Help: Be Concise

An application essay is a personal statement which could be of different topics such as a personal experiences, academic strengths and shortcomings, career aspirations and objectives. The topic usually depends on the person asking the essay to be written.

Whatever the title of the essay is, the writer should bear the following in his or her mind.

a) Understand the instructions given

Having a clear understanding of what is expected of you helps in identifying what information to include in the essay. This helps to ensure that what you write about is relevant and within context.

b) Identify details that you will use

Once you have understood what is required of you, choose a few areas that you will highlight upon. These areas should be relevant to the question at hand. You should try and demonstrate how your experiences are significant to your past and future education and career goals.

c) Consider the reader

Although you are writing the essay in the first person, do so bearing in mind the person to whom the essay is intended for. Make it interesting, engaging and fun to read. Show the reader how you are best suited for the said opportunity.

d) Give examples that stand out

Highlight illustrations and examples that makes you stand out or jump out of the page, because remember you are writing with the intention of demonstrating your potential for the opportunity. It would help also if you highlight significant and relevant accomplishments and if there are any discrepancies worth noting in your record, take some time to clarify.

e) Be brief

It might sound like a paradox. However, despite the temptation to write all the things that makes you stand out, you don’t want the reader to be put off by the long article. Try and limit the length of your essay to the limit specified in the instructions. But incase no limit is specified, a two paged essay is always a safe length.

f) Be systematic

Let there be coherence and flow in your essay. You can structure it to have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Remember to conclude with a polite gratitude remark. It adds value.

g) Read through your essay

Go over your essay to ensure that it does not have grammatical errors and the like. If possible you can have someone else read it before you submit it.