Where To Look For Great Topics For College Application Essays

College application essay

College application essay is one of the most interesting essays you will ever write in your academic career. Are you wondering why it is so? Do you find all essays challenging? Do you think writing an essay for getting admission in your desired university is absurd?

If yes, then this article is for you. This article will show you why college application essays are fun and where to find them.

A college application essay is more of a personal statement that shows your approach towards life in general and the subject in particular. They need to be very well thought out because your admission depends upon it. They are more like personal narratives that help the admission officers understand a bit about you and make their decision easier. However, you must remember that you have to stay honest while writing this essay. Do not exaggerate anything because you want to show your heroic adventures to the university administration so that they select you. The admission officers are not looking for super heroes, they are looking for a balanced batch of students who are real and honest. Maybe you have something they are looking for and you miss it in your essay.

Why is the topic important?

The topic of your essay decides whether the reader will continue reading your essay or not. You need to grab your audience in the topic by building curiosity and posing a question in their minds.

Good application essay topics

Here are a few places you can check if you are looking for a college application essay.

  • Look on the internet
  • Brainstorm at a quite place
  • Look at the college essay samples
  • Consult someone who has done one already
  • Look in the essay guidebooks
  • Ask your teacher to help you out

Topic examples for college application essay

Some example topics for your admission essay are:

  1. 1. A visit to the ancient Egypt taught me a lot about the human self
  2. 2. The struggle for achieving the best athlete position in school brought many surprises along
  3. 3. When you look for love, you find it, in many different forms though
  4. 4. How nature inspires artists to compose masterpieces in writing, paint and music.
  5. 5. Why the chase for success will not lead you anywhere but the chase for excellence will bring success