College admission help: creating original papers

You are a high school student about to graduate or have just graduated and you're really keen to get into your favourite college. One of the tests to see if you make the grade is to write a college entry essay. There are a number of things you can do which will increase your chances but there are also a number of things you should not do to prevent your essay becoming a winning one.

Don't use flowery language. Don't use metaphors as if they are about to go out of style. Plain straightforward writing is far preferable. Remember that there is somebody at the end of your essay. Somebody who has to read it, who has to wade through it and make an assessment. If you go overboard with flowery language you make life extremely tedious for the reader and you make the task of winning a place at the college even harder for yourself. Go easy on the metaphors.

Not all countries have college application essays

If you live in a country where a college application essay is not required, then obviously this article is not for you. In some countries high school students are simply given a test to see what their basic mathematical, history of the world and basic writing skills are like. If they pass, they win a place at college. Not so easy for those who are required to write a college entrance essay.

The old adage that you should ‘keep it simple, stupid’ certainly applies to college entrance essays. Choose a topic which involves your own thinking and supports the case for you to be accepted at that particular college. One of the simplest and best pieces of advice you can get is to find out what this college is like. If the college you would like to attend has certain subjects of which it is most proud, then writing an essay which explains how you could contribute to those faculties in a positive and beneficial way is certainly not going to harm your chances. Think smart, be wise and appeal to the strengths of the college you hope to attend.

Get the basics right

It goes without saying that your spelling, grammar and punctuation need to be perfect. Of course you must write sensibly and well but you will cruel your chances no end by neglecting the proof reading of your essay. Go out of your way to edit and polish your essay before submission.