Medical School Application Essay Writing Manual

So you finished up your undergraduate studies and are looking to further your collegiate career. You studied long and hard, and your next step is medical school. The application can be quite tedious and overwhelming at times. No worries though, I am going to talk you through the most difficult portion of the application process, the medical application essay.

Crafting your essay appropriately

There are common questions you must answer during your medical school application essay. First, you must address the question of, “why medicine?” In the body of your essay note the experience(s) which led you down this path. Also make note of specific accomplishments in your field of study, to include involvement with relevant collegiate clubs, externships, and volunteer work.

Second, you need to address why you are qualified to practice medicine. By detailing experience you can convey your qualifications to the reader. Make sure to note leadership roles you held, hospital training and be sure to convey ability to work well with patients. If you come from a research background, this can also be an asset.

Must Do’s

There are a number of things that you need to do to write a well crafted essay. One thing that you must do is provide a unique essay. Be creative, plain Jane doesn't necessarily win any awards. Avoid common catch phrases. When describing your likes and interest make note of specific incidents when you got to show your interest through doing something closely related. If your interest is outpatient care, you can talk about an experience you had working in an outpatient clinic.

Another thing you should note in your essay is your weaknesses. Don't make light of them, be upfront and honest about them. This is your one opportunity to address issues and explain them to admissions officers. Don't miss out on the chance by downplaying, or ignoring such issues.

Lastly be sure to edit and revise your paper. Before you pass the paper off, make sure you read over your paperwork several times. After you have edited, ask friends and family to look over it, with fresh eyes looking at your paper they will be able to spot mistakes that you missed. If your school has a writing lab, you should have someone read over your text and provide you with helpful suggestions.