Where To Look For Application Essay Help?

Are you currently in the process of figuring out how to write your application essay? And on a time crunch? You are not alone! Students the world over are often forced to dedicate time during their summer and senior year in order to increase their chances of being one of few applicants that make it to the university of their dreams.

While grades and test scores are important, universities report that they are increasingly placing more weight on application essays when they make their final admissions determinations. A compelling essay can make a difference – and tip the balance when grade and admission test scores are lacking.


Each university has a specific set of requirements for its entrance essays. It is important that you don’t use a “one size fits all” strategy – each essay will need to be unique.

Note: Most universities now require applicants sign a statement verifying that their essays are their own, unique work. So do it your way!

Where to Find Help

Admissions counselors, graduation counselors at your current school, and English tutors are all great resources when trying to determine your paper writing plan of action. It is also a good idea to tap into your peer group for help with reviewing, editing, and updating your essay to make it the best version possible.

The internet can also prove an effective tool:

  • The University’s Website: Always check each university’s website for additional information on their entrance essay requirements. They may also post tips and tricks for making the most compelling essay possible.
  • Online Writing Centers: Many schools offer online tutoring through the Writing Center. See if your current school offer this – or if there are other library or other public services that you qualify for.
  • Editing Services: Online editing services are also a great resource. These are a great way to get exactly the help you need (you can write your requirements in your bid for help), but prepare to pay a fee for your editing needs.

Additional Tips

  • Create an attention-grabbing opening line
  • Make it personal
  • Understand that you can’t fit your whole life in 500 (or even 2000!) words, so focus on a specific event/series of events
  • Remember that your essay is an advertising piece – and the product is you
  • Highlight a part of your life that shows who you are – a hobby, an event, a passion
  • Don’t be negative – if you plan to discuss a hardship, make your focus how you overcame it, not the hardship itself
  • Be genuine without trying to impress
  • Write about what is important to you – not what you think admission staff wants to read