Application Essay Writing Guide: How to Introduce Yourself

When writing an application essay, quite often the hardest part will be the first line. How do you start a paper based entirely on yourself? Do you say your name as if giving a speech? Do you break the ice like you're trying to win over a blind date? All of these options and many more have been used, but none of them are what an application officer wants to read in your introduction. Here are a few way you can use to jump start that initial greeting in your essay.

Perhaps you aren't comfortable diving head long into your personal life story or background and this is what is holding you back from an amazing application essay. Try starting with an inspirational quote that has helped shaped your life and your future. Leading off with words of wisdom from famous intellectuals is a good way to make the first shift into being personable and relate-able

Always make sure that your introductory sentence will blend in with the following lines. Leave yourself room to work this initial idea into a structure that will meld with your theme. If using a quote, make sure that it is strong, provocative and easily relate-able to the rest of your paper. Remember, your introduction will only be a few lines so be sure that each sentences moves seamlessly and flawlessly into the details of the body.

If you don't have any favorite quotes, maybe you could start with an anecdote or historical fact that pertains to your life or your unique attributes in a specific field of study. Use this to transition into a few introductory facts about who you are, where you have been and what you have to offer. Remember, this is just an introduction, so one line to break into the rest of the paragraph will be enough to jump off of.

Lastly, if all else fails, close your eyes, take a deep breath and go with what feel natural. No one can tell you how to write about yourself but you. Ask a friend or confidant their ideas if you still can't begin but remember to always be yourself. This essay is a brief glimpse into your personality, show the institution of your desires the strong will you have to bring your skills to their school.