Writing a personal essay: give yourself some time

Personal essay refers to writing an essay which comprises of personal idea, thoughts and reflections. You write personal essay in order to express your personality and your feeling and thoughts. Personal essays are more informal and liberated. You so not have to stick to some preset topic. Personal essay is always written using first person. Personal essay is different from personal diary writing because personal essay still follow some pattern and methodology so that it can come under the category of essay.

You cannot just pit up thoughts in personal essay. You must mention those thoughts that later on reveal a depth and meaning in them.

In 20th century hustling and bustling life routines, hardly you find any time for yourself. Whole day long spent in working, managing things, running home and work. Nobody cares to give time to himself. Personal essay writing helps you giving time to yourself. Personal essay is all about yourself and your modes, ways, thinking patterns, your likes, dislikes, hobbies, activities and lot more just about you.

There are certain things that you can include in your personal essay:

  • First of all you should decide your topic or subject about which you want to write.
  • You can write on anything related to you, like; any adventurous experience, any achievement, your feelings about some specific day like your result day, your job joining day etc.
  • You can also write about things related to you, the things, activities or people who make you happy, sad, mad or excited.
  • You can also describe your understanding about certain phenomenon which you learn whether by reading or experiencing.
  • You can also share your fears, shortcomings or unexpressed side in your personal essay.
  • You need to discover your core story in a person essay. You have to develop characters of your story and you have to add details as they happened to you.
  • You should write a meaningful personal event.
  • You should write almost every day a personal essay.
  • It will help you understanding yourself more clearly.
  • You can solve your daily life riddles and relationship problems just by relaxing yourself and writing on the issue being objective and seeing the issue as a third person.
  • Personal essay help you building opinion about certain important activities and thoughts in your life.
  • Personal essays serve as a best self-assessment or self-healing therapy.