Composing A Winning Application Essay Effortlessly: The Essentials

To get into college, high school students must complete the dreaded application essay. Within a few hundred words, students must demonstrate their academic potential and past experiences. Students who are unfamiliar with college applications papers should read through some examples before they begin. By looking through sample documents, the student can gain a better understanding of what will be expected in their application.

Structure Matters

Although the content of the paper is important, the structure and formatting is just as vital. This short essay will demonstrate the student's writing ability to the admissions committee. If the document is wrinkled or poorly organized, the admissions committee will not give it a second glance. For the student to get accepted, they must format the paper to look like a college-level document.

Personalize It

College admissions officers read through thousands of papers that discuss high grades and athletic scores. The student should never make their paper sound like a narration of their resume. For the essay to stand out, the student must give it a personal touch. To do this, students should consider what makes their application different. They should brainstorm personal experiences and adversity that they have dealt with in their life. By using these experiences, students can make an application that really sets them apart of the crowd.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Students can never spend too much time editing their application. Too often, college admissions offices receive papers that look like rough drafts. To the admissions office, these rough drafts make it seem like the student does not actually care about getting into the school. Even worse, the admissions office may believe that the rough draft represents the totality of the student's abilities. Rather than send in a typo-ridden document, students should take extra time to thoroughly edit and proofread their writing.

Ask a Teacher for Help

Teachers always have at least one free period during the school day. During this time, they typically edit papers and and prepare for their next classes. Students can get help with their application during this free period. Through their teacher's help, the student can complete a professionally edited paper.

Read Through Examples

Before a novelist writes their first novel, they have already read thousands of books. No one is born with an inherent talent for writing. If students want to create a perfect application, they need to read through some of the best examples. These examples can be found on scholarship websites, college sites and essay writing pages. By reading through these sample documents, students can figure out the best way to structure their own writing.