A Few Words About Application Essay Writing

Many students, whether at undergrad or graduate level, often worry about writing their thesis or dissertation papers. Though, one aspect of writing any academic paper is often left behind, especially after they gain admission to their school of choice. That aspect is application essay writing.

A few words about application essay writing

Although application essay writing often falls out of relevance once admitted into college or university, writing a compelling application essay is still important in higher education.

School-related prospects like applying for a research grant, extracurricular activities or even additional scholarships generally require some type of short essay with a student application. Students that don't have the skill to accomplish writing that essay ultimately fall short of meeting their requirements.

Thanks to the aforementioned, application essay writing is still essential. There's no getting around it for most students. That's why students need to stay informed about application essay writing by keeping themselves engaged with the act.

Tips to stay engaged with application essay writing

High school students often dread writing an essay, though that essay typically helps them argue a convincing case for getting admitted into their college or university of choice. Exercising that same skill remains important later into a student's academic career, even if they don't think so.

Less is more

When writing an application essay, academics usually say that 'less is more.' They're usually right, too. While it's important to convey enough information in an application essay, too much information can make the essay look overwrought and unbelievable. Most students should stick with a concise essay that doesn't overuse vocabulary that they don't naturally use themselves.

Keep it personal

An application essay should also be inherently personal. Too many application essays read like students bothered to 'cut and paste' statements from other similar essays. Students should ultimately focus on describing their own interest toward their prospect in their own words.

Engage the reader

Students should always demonstrate their learned knowledge in contexts like writing an essay, since it shows the reader that they do know and have a genuine interest in their educational prospects.

To provide an example, a student applying for a research grant for a dissertation should explain what they're researching and why they're best qualified for the grant through an applied example, like a sample of the research they hope to conduct.

Explain yourself?

Of course, no good application essay is complete without a student explaining the relevant experience they might have. Application essays provide a student with a good platform to show prospective instructors or sponsors what they can do, long before they're granted an interview. Just for that, learning how to write an effective application essay is an important skill to keep.