How Do I Write A Personal Statement For A Medical College?

First and foremost check out what other people are writing about themselves. There are several web sites that you can look at that provide this information. This will help you decide what a good statement is and what an excellent one is.

Secondly, check and recheck when you have to submit the statement and what the word count is.

You may have a great MCAT or UKCAT score but a deciding factor between two candidates may be what they write in their personal statement. Remember that for some of the most popular medical school’s there are over 5.000 applicants for around 160 places.

You need to stand out from the crowd

What you need to include and how to do it

  • - A narrative. A personal essay that can illustrate you as an individual, your character, what motivates you, what drives you to succeed and be the best physician you can possibly be. Remember that for some of the most popular medical school’s there are over 5.000 applicants for around 160 places

  • - Not all applicants write their own personal statement. Writing your personal statement for a university place, used to involve making a draft and getting a tutor or career counsellor to look it over, make a few alterations and call it good. But things are a lot more cut throat now. Most of the successful candidates have sought a professional writer to produce their personal statement.

  • - You will find that the instructions for writing your personal stamen are vague and lack any direction. Generally it is acceptable to use around 5500 characters, which in real terms equates to roughly one page. This is very practical, the reader does not have to cope with two pages i.e. turning a page over or losing a page. (This is another reason why interviewers prefer to see a CV as a one sided document, you don’t have to keep turning over the page to get relevant information).

Additional Ideas

  • - Tackle issues such as how you can be successful in your medical career, have you got the qualities to take the pace and the stress?
  • - Don’t repeat anything that can be tackled in another part of the form, don’t quote result or scores on tests. If you do this it looks as if you are just filling in information because you don’t know what else to write.
  • - There are many reference guides available, that are well worth dipping into.