Finding Great Admission Essay Examples: 5 Useful Hints

In order to write a great admission essay you need to read at least a few essay examples before you start producing your own. If you look at it this way, you can’t expect to write a book if you haven’t read one! Just like with a book, some essays will be easy to read, informative and follow a logical progression of ideas but others – not so much!

  1. 1. Ask your tutor if they can recommend a source of admission essay examples. They may be able to prove you with a few examples that past students have written that they have filed away. (At this point it is worth saying that although your tutor may be busy they may be persuaded to read through and comment on your completed essay for you). They may also be able to provide you with a few ideas.

  2. 2. Visit your school library and talk to one of the Librarians. They may be able to provide you with suggestions or find you actual admission essay examples. Or at the very least they can make suggestions as to where you should look for some really good examples.

  3. 3. Online. Using an academic search engine look for websites that can provide you with some good examples. Remember that you will find it useful to not just read good examples, but also pick out a few poor examples as well as outstanding ones. Make a comparison as to the flow and content of the poor and average examples in comparison to the examples that are outstanding. If you were the admissions officer which student would you give a place to?

  4. 4. Web pages. It is a really good idea to look at the website for the College or University that you are applying to. They may have a section dedicated to giving some advice to completing the admissions essay. This advice is well worth seeking as they will give hints and tips of the issues that they are focussed on as well as sharing a few examples.

  5. 5. Topic areas. Whilst you are looking for examples, make a note of the types of subject areas that are covered. Again you may be able to spot some consistencies in not just the topics but also in the way that the topics are treated. Pick out a topic area that you are comfortable with and can write confidently even though you will need to do a bit of research to complete.

Good Luck!