In Search Of Application Essay Examples- Tips For Beginners

An application or admissions essay is an easy that a prospective college may ask you to write. It is also sometimes called a personal statement. It can be written on many different topics but is designed to tell the college admissions office about you so that you can get accepted into that school.

Writing a successful admissions essay can be easy. It is a very nerve racking thing to do because it will help decide your future by either helping you into your favorite college or keeping you out. It is not the only factor used in this decision but it is a big factor in the decision.

Here are some tips that you can use to help make your application essay a hit and help you start your life as a college student.

Topics not to write about

  1. 1. Drug use
  2. Even if you have pushed through your drug use and come out the other side another person, this is not the topic for your admissions essay. Save this topic for your tell-all book.

  3. 2. Intimate relationship
  4. Even if this person is an inspiration or whatever other reason why you feel like this is an appropriate topic, don’t use it.

  5. 3. Opinionated response
  6. A persuasive or argumentative essay is great when it is called for but your application essay is not the place to show off these skills. Opinionated papers or a tirade about a subject that you don’t like won’t work in this instance.

  7. 4. A failed attempt
  8. It is commendable that you can own up to something that you failed at and learned from but you are trying to sell yourself here. Companies don’t go around selling their products by telling their consumers what the product can’t do.

Topic to consider

  1. 1. Career choice
  2. Write about your aspirations and what you want to be and why.

  3. 2. Accomplishment
  4. Write about an accomplishment or something that you are proud of.

  5. 3. Inspirational experience
  6. Write about an inspirational event that changed your life.

  7. 4. Something that you would improve if you were President
  8. And if all else fails, write about what you would improve if you were the President.

General Tips

  1. 1. Let your personality shine through. The admissions board is trying to get to know you through your paper. Let them see who you are be showing your personality through your words.

  2. 2. Edit your paper so that it is free of errors. You can even have someone else read it through to make sure that you haven’t missed anything.