What Is An Application Essay?

Application essays are essential element of the admission process to colleges and universities. They reflect the student’s ability to properly formulate an argument and can make or break their chances for entrance. Students who are struggling with their academic scores can use these essays as a way to bolster their credibility as a student and hopefully sway the admission board’s decision on their entrance. Other students, who perform well but turn in a less than satisfactory paper, may just lose their spot altogether. Overall, a thorough understanding of application essays is necessary to create a compelling and well laid out paper for college applications.

When creating an application essay there are several elements that need to be focused on. Keeping to the essentials and ensuring that your essay sticks to the points outlined is going to keep the entire flow of the essay professional and engaging. Below are some of the more crucial elements that should be adhered to.

Write about what you know

A great way to begin a successful essay is to pick a topic that you are passionate about. Not only will the sentences flow onto the paper, but you will have a much easier time formulating a compelling paper, than forcing some dry ideas out because you think it is necessary. You need to write what you are passionate about because it is what makes you unique – and what will help your essay stand out from the thousands of others.

Hook the reader from the start

The worst thing you can do to your reader is to slowly drag them into your paper. Instead, grip them from the very beginning and have them wanting to read the rest to find out more! Readers may overlook certain grammatical errors and flaws when they are sincerely intrigued by your essay.

Stay focused

Just because you can embellish, does not mean you should. On essays, you should stick to the original point outlined and keep it clean!

Proof read

Do not just make one draft and think that you are done, you need to proof read. Proof read, and proof read again. Having someone else take a look at your essay is an excellent way to spot some errors and gain a new perspective on your essay. Additionally reading it out loud to yourself and others will help you spot sentences that are grammatically correct, but just sound off in general.