How to order a custom written entrance essay

Many colleges and universities require students to submit an entrance essay, but students no longer have to write the essays themselves. It is easier and safer than ever before to order a custom written application essay. With the plethora of customized essay websites, you can find a low cost, but high quality entrance essay that will get you into your top college choices.

When you search for an essay company, there are a few features that you should investigate. If the website does not offer these features, then you should continue looking for a website that has them all. These are the features:

  • 100% customized essay
  • Your choice of writer
  • Free revisions
  • Free formatting and in-text documentation
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Only hires native English speakers
  • Communication with your writer
  • Safe delivery to your email

Once you find a website that has all of these features, you will find it is rather easy to place your order, Many websites offer a chat line, a toll free phone number, or an email ordering form. You choose the contact method that works best for you and then you place your order. You should always allow for a few extra days, just in case anything needs to be revised. Remember, many websites will charge more if you need to have the essay finished immediately. They also usually charge by the word or by the page length. You can always ask the price before you finalize your order, too.

Only Hire From a Customizing Company

Never choose a writing website that does not promise to write completely original customized essays. While the chances are small that a student would turn in the same essay that you did, the chances do exist. Even though most admissions offices are unable to check and see if you did order a customized essay from a website, you do not want to advertise that you have done this.

Ask to Put Your Own Personality into the Essay

Before you place your order, you will want to see how much input you can have with the writer. Colleges not only want to see that you can write, but they want to see that you can write with style. Some colleges want your own life experiences included, so you will need to share that information with your writer.

Revise and Edit before Final Submission

Since you are going to use this essay as your ticket to college, you should make sure it is perfect before you submit it to the application department. Look it over with a fine-tooth comb and revise everything that needs to be revised.