Winning College Admissions Essay Topics

When your college admissions essay topic is completely open there is an abundance of different subjects that you could potentially write about, however only certain topics are considered to be appropriate and even a smaller selection of those will gain you automatic acceptance into the educational institute of your choice. The secret to writing winning college essays is choosing a topic that will blow away the admissions officers and get you a big fat stamp of acceptance on your application.

Below we have identified the 3 best topic choices for College Essays that will guarantee you a spot in your first choice college.

  1. A Major Life Experience
  2. Answering the admission essay question by drawing from your own life experience is usually the most common approach this sort of writing assignment. However, the life experience topic that you choose to describe will make all the difference in your final product. For example: “The Time My Family Went To Disneyland” is not really an engaging topic choice for this sort of essay.

    A major life experience that has altered your perceptions or help to mold your personality is more likely better options to write about. That said, if your trip to Disneyland was particularly monumental, go ahead and make that one work.

  3. An Influential Individual
  4. Once again how you approach this topic will make all the difference an essay titled “I love My Mom” can only get you so far. Unless your mom is a paraplegic acrobat who was formally addicted to heroine, then you probably have some solid resource material right there.

    However, most of us have to think a little bit deeper and do some research to find an influential individual who we can really relate too, and turn that person into a great topic for our admissions paper.

  5. Your Own Personal Struggle

The admissions question may be easy to answer by using your own personal experiences. A personal struggle that you have overcome, is a great topic choice because not only does it tell the admittance officers a lot about you and your personality, it gives you a great opportunity to indirectly pitch yourself to reader.

Having a great story of triumph can really work in your favor while setting you apart from your peers. Nobody else has walked in your shoes, use your own life to create a compelling case for why you would be a fantastic addition to their college community.