Personal essay writing: don’t forget about the supplements

Students writing a college essay for admission purposes may forget to complete the supplements section of the application. This is separate from the essay but it compliments it at the same time. Students writing their essay may easily overlook this portion while concentrating on writing a perfect essay to gain admission to the school they want. In doing so the supplements section may end up being weak or written poorly at the last minute.

What is So Special about the Supplements Section of the Application?

Colleges that offer a supplements section may vary. They may ask additional questions about the applicant that differs in context. Some colleges may not bother to review this section if they offer it, while others are sure to review any information provided by the applicant. Students should take the opportunity to answer any questions as it allows you to present more information about yourself that could be beneficial toward acceptance. The topic of the content may be different from the application essay.

Take Time to Review Your Application in Detail

Some students forget the supplements because they didn’t take time to thoroughly read over their application or guideline instructions. Others may have heard the school they are applying to disregards this information; giving the impression you don’t have to worry about it. This section should be looked at differently while considering how to use it to your advantage. There are students who view this section as a way to enhance their application profile since it is information you may not find anywhere else on the application.

How to Use the Supplements to Your Advantage

Get to know the college you are applying to. This includes reviewing mission statement, code of ethics, and other information the school expects of their students. This can be seen as an opportunity to complete additional essay content that you should consider completing. The school gets another chance to learn about you and get to know you better. Pay attention to guidelines set for the essay. Stick to the word count given and make sure content you write thoroughly has a connection to the question or prompt given. If you present more information than necessary, the additional content may not get reviewed by the school. Proofread, edit and revise your content before submission. Consider having someone you know read over your content and consider getting help from a professional writer.