Personal essay writing guide: you should be honest

A personal essay is the freest form of writing in English literature. It usually can be categorized into two types. Narrative


It is a person’s view of different things or a reflection of his thoughts. The personal essay differs from a biography because it does not give any importance to the time period and order of events that occurred in one’s life. It does not have a specific topic to follow; all it needs to have is an insight to one’s personal life or a phase of life. Writing a personal essay will help you in understanding your own self and lead to better self-acknowledgement. However it is very important for the writer or essayist to be honest while writing a personal essay. There may be points when it becomes difficult to stay unbiased and state the truth but this is what personal essays are about.

How to write a personal essay

If you have decided to write your essay there is nothing that can stop you but yourself. All you have to do is stay focused and determined and you will be soon on the quest of writing an essay. Do not get troubled by thinking how it will turn out in the end. Just start writing and things will automatically link to each other.

The subject of the essay

Your essay can have any subject of your choice. It can be about your family, relations, friends, beloved, illness, life lessons, nature, travelling, passion, loneliness or achievements. The topic can be anything that you feel passionate about and want to share with others.

Be honest

While writing your essay it is very important to be honest and sincere. The readers do not want to hear a fancy story based on false events, it is not a fiction novel that you are writing. Try to stay as much objective as you can. There will be events that are hard to state but it is the integrity of a writer and you must not cheat with your audience. The reader is giving you attention and has dedicated his time to read your personal essay it is now important for you to reward him with the truth.

Writing a personal essay will give the writer a chance to promote himself. You must stay precise, specific, passionate and honest while composing your personal essay.