Buying a Scholarship Essay on the Web is Not a Way out

When you are faced with a scholarship deadline you might be overwhelmed with the urge to procrastinate. This might lead you to believe that buying a scholarship essay on the web is a good idea.

It is not.

First of all every academic institution has an academic integrity policy which strictly prohibits the buying of work done by someone else and claiming it as yours. This is considered plagiarism. In the business world you can hire writing services from a ghost writer but when you are in school it is not acceptable.

If you buy a scholarship essay on the web it might be completely plagiarized or published elsewhere. The committee reviewing the essay will run it through plagiarism checking websites and find the results. This will disqualify you immediately. The worst thing you could do when applying for a scholarship based on your skills is to hide your skills and buy an essay from another source.

Don’t be afraid of your intellect. Don’t be afraid to trust it.

Instead focus on overcoming any signs of procrastination or fear and start writing. Whatever the type of procrastination you face or reason for it, you can overcome it with enough effort. The first step is to admit that procrastination is a problem. Like many things, the first step is admitting there is an issue which is holding you back. In order to overcome the procrastination you have to recognize why you are procrastinating. Are you doing it because of family issues? Because of stress? Because of a lack of concentration? Or are you doing it because of boredom? Personal issues? Overall bad time management?

Once you admit you are procrastinating and find out why, you can review your goals. You can determine the strengths you have in your possession and your weaknesses. If you often get distracted and procrastinate, you can remind yourself that if you want to reach your goals you have to find a quiet place where you will not be as distracted.

If you often try and study sitting on your bed you might recognize that you end up procrastinating because your mind only associates two things with your bed, neither of which is studying. If this is the case you can find someone else to work where you will not end up slouching or laying down napping after thirty minutes. You will feel much better if you merely write the essay yourself and you will not sabotage your chances of getting the scholarship at the same time.