Easy Steps to Write a Personal Essay for College

When you receive a personal essay as a homework assignment, it helps to have a template that you can refer to every time. A guide that encompasses all the steps you need to follow—no matter what the topic is—will not only help you write efficient personal essays, but faster ones too. Your personal essay should be interesting, organized, and of course, personal. These pointers should help you to achieve this.

  • Think fiction – Write reality
  • True stories are often good because truth really is stranger than fiction. But that’s only the case if you tell it the right way. Try to make your personal story stand out by adding elements of interest found in fictional stories. This doesn’t mean that you should add fallacies to embellish the essay. However, plots and oddities that occur in real life are what stories are made of. Don’t be afraid to make a real tale out of your own experiences.

  • Stay focused
  • Try to not discuss more than one theme, character, place and time. Most essays aren’t very long, so spreading yourself all over the place will just ruin the cosiness of your story. The reader wants to know what happened to you; where it happened; when it happened; how it happened and why. Try not to stray off these points by discussing too many unrelated events.

  • Connect with your reader
  • Knowing who will read your essay will help you to cater for them. Try and make a connection with your writing in a way that helps the reader relate to you. If you write relay an experience that many can identify with, you will win the approval and trust of the person reading your personal essay.

  • Do a rewrite
  • If you want your essay to really stand out, take the time to read over it and write it again. You’ll be surprised how much of an improvement the second version will be. After the first time, your brain will be well saturated in the topic. The second time can only be better

These guidelines should help you to create a stunning personal essay; one that is well written, original and intimate. Don’t be afraid to expose yourself a little during this process. Your reader will appreciate your honesty and enjoy your essay more if you aren’t afraid to show yourself.