Writing Advice: A List Of Brilliant College Application Essay Topics

When you apply for college or a university, you will have to write an essay. In your essay, you want to present and introduce yourself to the admission’s officers. You want to discuss a time when you have grown from an experience. It is okay to make a mistake, but you want to convey to the college that you have grown from this incident. It can be difficult to come up with a great, and yet unique idea. However, this may be the one shot you have to grab the attention of the admission’s department. If you are having trouble picking a topic, use one of our suggestions.

Suggested Topic List

  • - When I Learned an Important Lesson by Losing Something Important to Me
  • - Mistakes I made Along the Path to My Self Discovery
  • - How and When I Conquered a Fear
  • - My Strength and How I Came to Gain this Skill
  • - When Justice Didn’t Win, but I Still learned a Lesson
  • - My Hero and His or Her Impacts on Me and on Others
  • - The Most Embarrassing Moment in My Short Life
  • - My Parents and How their Discipline Has Shaped Me into the Person I am Today
  • - What I Want to do with Myself Twenty Years from Today
  • - Tragedy and How I Moved Past It
  • - The Greatest Gift I Ever Gave and Why it Was So Special
  • - My Car Wreck and What it Taught Me
  • - I am Equal
  • - I am Powerful
  • - I am Noble
  • - I am Generous
  • I am Ready
  • - I am Afraid
  • - Why I Cry
  • - Why I Laugh
  • - Coming Full Circle
  • - The Race is On
  • - Beyond the Classroom Learning Experiences
  • - Community Service and Its Bountiful Rewards
  • - No One Thought I Would Graduate
  • - No One Thought I Would Live
  • - Living with a Handicap and How It Strengthens Me
  • - Moving Past Being Bullied
  • - Prejudice and how I stopped it from Continuing
  • - Travel and Its Impacts
  • - I have Lived through War
  • - Once I was a Victim, but Never Again Will it Happen

When you pick your topic, make sure you are honest. Just be you and do not lie. You want to reveal your flaws, and reveal how you have overcome the adversity. This paper should define the person you are. When you finish, have a friend, parent, and teacher check the paper for spelling, grammar, and clarity. This should be your best piece of academic work.