A guide on how to write an essay for a scholarship

The quality of an application essay can determine your entire future. A lot of scholarships are offered nowadays by big and small universities and schools, programs and organizations. Of course, if you are applying for a program in a school, which is desperate to have participants, you will not even have to try hard. However, if your goal is to get a scholarship and hundreds of other students battle along with you for it, you will have to be creative. Make sure to include something interesting, outstanding and intriguing that will make the judges remember you.

  • Understanding the topic: key to your success.
  • Very important part of writing your application letter is to understand the given topic. The topics are usually quite simple, but you have to understand that hundreds of people with the pretty the same background and goals as yours. Of course the people that will read your paper want to see an interesting approach to the topic or an unusual understanding of it. Take a close look at the scholarship you are applying for and its purpose, or look for the reasons why the organization is awarding the scholarship in the first place. It might give you an idea, which qualities the judges will be looking for.

  • Add personal experience to the essay.
  • The possibility of describing your personality will depend on the topic a lot. If this is some kind of a personal question, it will be easy for you to present yourself in the best way possible. However, if the topic id not personally related, you will have to think of something to let the judges get acquainted with you. Of course, you shall stay on the topic at any costs, but it is always good to show the committee your personal experience by adding an example from your personal life. Make sure you will appear in the essay the way you want others to see you.

  • Be honest and persuade the judges you are the best.
  • Never use your application essay to make yourself look better than you are. Your lies are easily seen and you will only create an unpleasant image of yourself. Don’t make the committee feel pitiful to you. This will most likely not win you the scholarship, but make you into a person who looks for excuses instead of fighting for every chance. Describe the qualities you possess that you think make you the best person to obtain the scholarship.