Sample scholarship essay format

Anyone can write a good scholarship essay. In fact lots do. Unfortunately that means your scholarship essay will not stand out from the others. What you need to create is a great scholarship essay. You need to get the format right and you need to get the content right.

In many cases the essay is your greatest opportunity to put you in the winning position and get that scholarship. It is vitally important that you get things right academically but you must also reveal your personality. This is your chance to let the college know precisely who you are. Make this a personal essay. Make sure whoever reads it will get a really good picture of you, your life and your potential.

But I am not a great writer

Not many of us are which is why you must use a plan, follow a format and rework your essay until the polish shines through. Proofreading is essential. Re-writing is almost as important as your first draft.

You must stick to the topic. The greatest scholarship essay in the world will not win a place or funding at a college unless it sticks to the topic. What does the college offering the scholarship want from your essay? Do they want to know about your character, about the work you've done in your community? Do they place a greater emphasis on your academic record?

Remember that you need to stand out from the crowd. Think about what can make your scholarship essay unique.

More than one scholarship essay

To give yourself the best chance of success, the more scholarship essays you complete the better. And if you have a number of essays to write you need to give yourself plenty of time to do them justice.

But do not send the same scholarship essay or use the same format for every college application. Once again, stick to the topic.

Get help. Don't be afraid to ask someone with expertise in writing, in college applications and who is prepared to give you an honest appraisal. You might like to think you want to achieve success on your own but getting someone to read through your scholarship essay and give you their thoughts can be really helpful.

Finally don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet. If you have worked really hard and achieved success in one or more particular fields, tell the world about your good work.