Online Personal Essay Writing Services are Very Expensive

In a moment of panic, realizing that your personal essay deadline is fast approaching, you may begin to consider getting your essay written by an online personal essay writing service. While such services do exist, and some do high quality work, be advised that these services are generally quite costly.

Why Are Online Personal Essay Writing Services So Expensive?

Online writing services which offer custom-written, plagiarism-free material for their clients tend to be costly for a number of reasons. One reason is that these services are generally used to supply undergraduate and above levels of writing. In order to supply high quality, unique, custom-written essays at this level, most qualified writers will be college educated themselves. Considering the hourly rate of college educated, fluent English speaking writers, it’s unsurprising that costs are relatively high.

Another reason for high cost is the fact that students are paying for discretion. This is especially the case with personal essays. The very nature of the essay requires sharing a great deal of personal information with the service. And the nature of the job requires absolute discretion be used in storing and sharing that information.

Finally, remember that while you are making a single payment to the service, they are paying a writer and taking a cut of that payment for the service as well. While hiring an individual might be cheaper, it’s more difficult to be sure of their reputation.

What About Advertisements for Cheaper Services?

For the reasons listed above, the high price charged by legitimate personal essay services is more than justified, which means the customer should beware sites that advertise for a fraction of the cost. Typically, they’re cutting costs in one or more of the following ways:

  • Writers do not speak English as their first language
  • Writers are not writing at the college level or above and may not even be properly educated
  • The essays provided are not custom written, or fully unique. The service may simply add your information into a template.
  • The service is not legitimate, and uses the business as a front for money laundering or other scams.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

As you can see, it’s worth paying a bit more in order to receive a truly unique, custom-written essay—if you can afford it. Don’t expect such services to come cheap; their high costs are justified by the quality of the work they produce and the time and care they take to protect your information.