How To Write A Personal Essay For College: Things You Have To Memorize

Writing a personal essay for college admission or scholarship can be fun. You have to include unique experiences about yourself. Tell the admission officers why you are the right candidate for them. It can be prove out to be very interesting because the subject is someone you know the best. However, some students take personal essays very light and do not give proper attention while composing one. You must remember that this essay will determine your future. Being confident is a good thing unless you don’t cross the fine line between confidence and over confidence. The personal essay is very critical because it is a deciding factor in your college admission and scholarship. Different universities and colleges have different criteria for selection but there are a few things you should always remember whether you are writing for any institute

Know your target audience

Before you start writing your personal essay it is very important that you filter out your target audience. The success of any written material, business or an idea depends on how well it is able to satisfy the needs of the target audience. You need to realize that the essay is aimed at college admission officers and write in a way that can grasp their attention. Try to think of all the questions they want to ask you and then answer them one by one in your essay. If you fail to write a clear essay for your target audience it will be wasted and there are chances that they will not even read your essay till the end

Never write fake stories

Some students are of the view that they can pull it off by writing fake stories and heroic adventures about themselves. However, this is not a very good idea. The admission officers receive hundreds of essays during the admission season and can easily tell the difference between a fake experience and a true one. To be able to write an essay that is free of fake stories and can hit the admission officer you need to make sure that you

  • - Always stay honest and true throughout the essay
  • - Don’t manipulate yourself for someone who you are not
  • - Never make it a travel journal
  • - Copying is not a good idea
  • - Exaggeration won’t help you

Address the essay prompt

It is important that you address the essay question properly