How to write a scholarship essay: using examples to your advantage

Struggling to write a scholarship application? Do not know where to look for assistance? Do not worry! The help is out there.

How can I get free writing help?

Most of the services that offer writing papers for you are not free of charge. You will need to try bery hard to find a company that will not take any money for writing even a 1-page paper for you. It is business and you shall not expect that somebody will write for free, when they can actually receive money for it. However, if you do not want to spend money, the help is still waiting for you. For example, you can use essays on the topics, similar to yours as samples. It will not do the actual writing for you, but will make the process much easier for you.

How can samples help me?

A lot of students consider reading examples and samples useful and a waste of time. As far as you cannot copy from it, it will not do any good and you will only spend your precious time looking for something you are never going to use. Had this thoughts? You shall definitely not be so pessimistic. Looking through successful and failing application paper samples can actually teach you a lot of stuff, for instance:

  • 1. What to include and not to include in the essay. When you look at somebody else's essay it is much easier to criticize it more honestly that your own one. If something feels not correct to you, you will for sure avoid it in your essay.

  • 2. Business writing style. Official style of writing is usually among the requirements for the admission essay. Reading samples, you will be able to pick up some words and phrases that will make your paper seem more professional and you – more educated.

  • 3. Ideas on what to write about. If you are to select a topic, samples will help a lot too. Try to look at the essay as a judge and determine if it is interesting to read. If you come across something that you (as a judge) would like, you can paraphrase and use the topic.

Where can I find appropriate samples?

The Internet is actually full of samples, posted by students and written by professionals, you can read as many as you like. If you want the sample to match as many of your requirements as possible, try to look for the essays of people who have earlier managed or failed to get the scholarship you are applying for – you will for sure learn something new and useful.