How to Write a Winning MBA Admissions Essay

Every university has its' own requirements for writing an admissions essay and before you write the essay you should review the requirements carefully so you'll have an understanding of what the admissions officials are looking for. Avoid clich├ęd statements and big vocabulary words because the focus should be on why you feel you are qualified to be in the program. Write the essay in active voice and have structure when writing the essay. Proofread the essay and write it in a concise but understandable way.

Go Beyond the Generic

Unlike a resume or online job profile, you are making a mistake when you approach the essay in a generic manner because you need to sell yourself to the admissions committee. If you started your own vintage music online store while an undergraduate and you have been successful, mention the steps you took to make it happen because admissions love success stories from applicants. Talk about how your grandfather raised you since the age of six and that you aspire to be a person who tries to provide jobs for others because of grandfather's influence as a grocery store owner.

How You Developed Your Career Interest

Some MBA admissions applications require you to include how you developed your career interest. If you're applying to the MBA program with a specialization in fashion design, you can say that you decided to enter the fashion industry out of frustration because you would visit different clothing stores and many of them did not have stylish and modest clothing for teenage girls, and that you want to create modest clothing for teenage girls so they won't have to resort to very provocative clothing.

Don't Write Arrogantly Or In An Overly Humble Way

The key is to strike a balance between expressing pride in your accomplishments while remaining humble in a healthy way during the writing process. Don't focus heavily on the awards you received or the excellent grades you got because this would be on your application or resume you mail to the school. By the same token, you don't want to appear so self-deprecating that you don't share meaningful details about yourself.


A good MBA essay will take research, time and assistance from others but when you receive an acceptance letter from the school, it will all be worth it. Always save the rough draft and final draft to your USB drive and an online backup service because you can edit this essay if you want to apply to other colleges in the future.