No subject is more difficult to write about than yourself. Do we really know ourselves, and why is it so difficult to write this common application essay? Here are a few tips that could make writing a college admissions essay a lot easier:

  1. Be honest
    • - Don’t lie about achievements, titles or office because colleges today stalk your Facebook page, your high school records, etc. If they find something that isn’t true they will deny you.
    • - Not everyone has to be the star of everything. Just be honest and it will release a lot of stress by just writing the honest truth about you and it will give colleges a real look at whom you are and where you have come from.
    • - Write about things that make you stand out, but always be honest.

  2. Be likable
    • - Colleges like to see themselves like communities and want to like you.
    • - In your essay write about why people like you, what your strengths are and what makes you human.
    • - Make a list of all your good qualities and have them work their way into your essay.

  3. Be controversial
    • - A lot of kids applying for college write boring essays that are cookie cutter and exactly what the colleges want. This isn’t true, colleges want to see where you stand on politics, religion and other serious issues.
    • - Write controversial topics that you believe in and give reasons for an argument and consider the other perspectives.
    • - Colleges are great places for discussions of ideas and the admissions people love diversity.

  4. Don’t go over the minimum
    • - A normal application essay is only 200 words and every admissions officer has a huge stack of essays that they only want to read for a few minutes. Don’t be the one student that decides to go above and beyond and send in a 1000 word essay about yourself. You’re wasting their time and your time by going over.
    • - Like a resume, less is more and you’re more likely to stand out in 200 words than 100 words.

These are the four big tips in writing the perfect college admissions essay and they are sure to get you noticed if you follow all of these guidelines. Always remember, be honest, be likable, be controversial and less is more when writing.