5 Things You Can Do To Spoil Your Scholarship Essay

Are you worried that you might spoil your scholarship essay without even realizing it? Then perhaps learning what the different types of mistakes one could make will help you avoid them. Here are the top 5 ways in which you can spoil your scholarship paper:

  1. 1. Plagiarism
  2. Using example essays to get ideas from is a perfectly valid way of going about your work. However, what you cannot do is simply copy from another paper, or use exactly the same ideas as in the original. Make sure to add a decent chunk of originality in your work to avoid those unwanted plagiarism penalties.

  3. 2. Lack Of Facts
  4. It’s important to include a variety of facts to back up any points that you make in your essay. For example, if you are arguing a point and are presenting a viewpoint then you must show evidence for why you might be correct.

    Facts can come in a variety of forms including statistics, or theories that have been proved by research. A wide blend of facts can greatly increase the strength of a scholarship essay.

  5. 3. Lack Of Proofreading
  6. The purpose of proofreading is to identify simple spelling and grammar mistakes. The presence of such mistakes can cause a paper to lose a lot of its strength. That’s because it shows the writer was not bothered to carefully read through the work in order to identify simple mistakes. Furthermore, by proofreading you can identify paragraphs that lack depth and facts. A density of facts should be sprinkled throughout an essay.

  7. 4. Lack Of Time
  8. One of the more common mistakes that are made with essays is the lack of time that students give themselves to write it. Typically students receive an assignment and then wait a week or even a few days before the deadline in order to begin writing it. This can be a recipe for disaster, because you leave yourself only a few days to write but in reality up to a week might be required.

  9. 5. Lack Of Depth
  10. It’s important that your essay has enough depth to get the top marks. A paper that is shallow with regards to the quality of the content will not read like an authoritative piece. The use of facts is a great way to increase the depth of the piece. Also make sure to cover a range of topics relating to the title – don’t simply concentrate on one very narrow point.