How To Write A Personal Statement For A University

Writing an essay is not the simplest thing you can do. In fact, it is the most difficult tasks that you can get involved in especially when you are not good with grammar and creativity. When writing a personal essay for an application, the whole package should show who you are and what you bring to the people. The essay should include all the required parts which the applicants want to see. Therefore, it is very important for you to think well of how you write the paper. You should use critical thinking and creativity to draft the first copy and then write the final copy in the best way possible. You also need to understand that there are many people like you who are applying for the graduate position. There are many people from all over the world who are interested in getting to that particular position. For this reason, the copy needs to be very good to read. It should contain all the relevant points.

The following questions are appropriate when writing the paper.

  • - What are the evaluating committee looking at in the first place. What then sets you aside from all the other candidates who are taking the course? What kind of people will be applying for the position?
  • - What is the main reason why you are applying for this position? Why are you interested in it?
  • - Where did you learn about the course?
  • - What are your future career goals?
  • - What are the gaps in your academics that need to be addressed?
  • - What are your best skills which could help you enhance your success in this field?
  • - Why do you think you are the best candidate for this space?

The first step that you should always do is to think critically of the major points that you want. Here, you should take time to think carefully about your life, accomplishments and challenges you have gone through. Also, you should come up with a draft representing all the areas that you are interested in. You should not make the mistake of submitting the first draft you write because it will probably have issues. This draft should guide you throughout the entire paper. You should also make your copy very different. For instance, you should not start the essay with, ‘I have always had the dream…’ because these committees have always seen thousands of such applicants. Another mistake to avoid is to Google sample articles and use them as drafts. Probably thousands of applicants have Googled the same topic and will use the same document.